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Curtain Cleaning Brisbane

When was the last time your Curtains and Drapes were professionally cleaned?

As with other soft furnishings in our homes, Curtains and Drapes are an inviting place for dust mites to settle in. The allergen in dust mites is known to trigger asthma, eczema, allergic rhinitis (hay fever) or other allergies. Rest assured that dust mites will be removed along with household grime, dust and odours when you enlist UNiQ’s Curtain Cleaning Service to rejuvenate your Curtains or Drapes.

Our professionally trained technicians know that clean Curtains and Drapes make all the difference in your home. Established in 2005, UNiQ Services is your local Curtain Cleaning Service, covering Brisbane and Surrounds all the way up to Bribie Island. We pride ourselves on providing the best outcome when it comes to rejuvenating your curtains. Our expert technicians are dedicated to going the extra mile in making sure the final result is nothing short of spectacular.

We are experienced with all types of Curtains

There are many different types of curtains, with the main ones being Black-outs (rubber backed), Sheers, and Decorative. With that in mind, there are also many different variations of pleat and methods of hanging. Our team is highly experienced, and can assist you if you aren't too sure what type you have.

Mould on Curtains

Can they be cleaned?

Have you noticed mould or mildew on your Curtains or Drapes, and fear you have no choice but to replace them? While it is true that mould can stain and destroy textiles, fabrics, timbers and other products that hold moisture, if you act quickly enough, your items might be saved. High levels of mould, needs to be treated and cleaned professionally.

clean mouldy curtains

Mould forming along bottom hem

Our Mould Remediation Specialists can assess your curtains to determine the level of damage and if they are able to be rejuvenated or not.

Given our Brisbane climate, which is often warm and humid, it is important to be aware with temperatures above 23 degrees and humidity above 65%rH bacteria and mould proliferate at alarming rates. At UNiQ, we are experts in remediating mould on soft furnishings.
For more info on mould remediation, Check out our post here.

Cleaning Process

If you're longing for freshly clean Curtains or Drapes, you will be surprised at how quickly the UNiQ team will make your curtains look as good as new.

Using a gentle-yet-effective Ultrasonic cleaning method, UNiQ ‘s Curtain Cleaning Service will clean, sanitise and deodorise your window furnishings to the highest quality.

You will also find that any trace of dust, mould, mildew and stains will be easily removed using our safe and gentle method. Better still, after cleaning, your Curtains and Drapes will receive a complimentary application of our Healthguard® Fabric Sanitiser product which kills 99.4% of germs and assists in protecting against bacteria, moulds, microbials & virus attacks.

In some instances Curtains and Drapes can be cleaned on-site, however our UNiQ wet cleaning method is proven to provide a more thorough and effective clean.

All items will be assessed prior to any cleaning commencing. In the instance that your Curtains or Drapes are suitable for a 'wet clean' your technician will remove the curtains from your windows and safely transport them to our factory for specialised cleaning.
To enable the cleaning and drying process to take place properly, we require your curtains for min 2 nights.
On return, the UNiQ team will ensure that your curtains are re-installed carefully, correctly, and once again looking fantastic.
It is also important to note an industry standard, as per curtain care label, which indicates a wet clean can be up to 3% overall shrinkage.