Quilts, Bedspreads, Doona's and Pillow Cleaning

We offer a Pickup and Delivery service. Have your Bedding items collected and returned at an agreed time.

UNIQ Bedding Cleaning Service

We wash our clothes, clean our rugs, clean our couches, clean our blinds and curtains…BUT what about your Quilts, Bedspreads, Doonas and Pillows? Cleaning your Bedding is just as important as they harbour dust mites and bacteria within the layers that you probably didn’t realise.

Consequently, a Doona, Quilt or Bedspread can potentially hold up to 20,000 live house dust mites, which can cause severe health implications. In fact these contaminants can trigger symptoms of Asthma, Rhinitis and can irritate existing cases of Eczema. In other words, Beds are home to dust mites, dust mite excrement, dirt, dust, dead skin cells and body sweat.....“So WHO and WHAT are you SLEEPING WITH TONIGHT?”.

Therefore we at UNiQ recommended that Quilts, Bedspreads and Doonas be cleaned at least every six months.

  • Kills 99.94% germs
  • Kill dust mites and germs
  • Kill bacteria, mould & virus
  • Bedding looks fresher for longer
  • Australian Made HealthGuard® products
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Pickup and Delivery Service*
  • Save yourself time!

Our cleaning process helps with the hygienic and aesthetic effect. Having your bedding cleaned regularly, using the correct process, kills both dust mites and germs leaving your bedding healthy- free of bacteria mould and virus. UNiQ's cleaning service will keep your bedding looking fresher for longer, cleaner and will be less prone to allergens and dust mite infestation.

UNiQ's cleaning products utilise Australian Made HealthGuard® ( Australia’s best and a Global Leader in prevention and protection against virus, bacteria, moulds and dust mites).
Our products support the UNiQ cleaning processes that are specifically designed for Anti-bacterial & Anti-fungal treatments to eliminate 99.9% of germs and ensure that your bedding is healthy, beautiful , clean, fresh, odourless and fluffed up - ready for a good night’s sleep.

UNiQ Services recognises how busy our lives all get and the need to save time wherever we can. Keep reading for information on our Pick Up & Delivery Service, or click the button below to Book.

Pick Up & Delivery Service

We arrange to pick up your goods from a designated place at your property and return them renewed and refreshed to the same place. With your authorisation we will bill your transaction direct to your credit card.

Free pickup and delivery if minimum order value is $180

For order value less than $180 - $25 pickup/delivery fee will be charged (see delivery areas for service zone)

The Uniq Services pickup and delivery service is tailored to your convenience. If you have a secure and dry location that we can pick up from and drop back to, then you do not need to be home. If you would prefer us to meet you, a nanny or a cleaner for example, that can be arranged at an agreed convenience for that day.

If you live in an apartment, we generally would work with the doorman or concierge and have a central point/person we deal with. In secure buildings where access can only be granted by the resident, and no doorman or concierge is present, we need to agree on an access arrangement to pick up and deliver your goods. In cases where you are happy for us to leave goods unattended at your front door, we can do that also.

We understand your need for security and privacy, and our policy is that Uniq Services Pickup & Delivery drivers will not enter an unattended residence unless you have approved it.

We will collate your information and schedule your pickup and delivery into our service system and will follow your directions. For your privacy and protection none of your personal details will be on the bag/card other than your name.

If you need your goods processed in a time frame faster or different to the regular services, you are more than welcome to drop your order to our premises and pickup when complete.

Our Pickup & Delivery service area is currently limited to a radius of approximately 20km from our premises at 1/10 Johnstone Road Brendale QLD 4500. We will publish new information on expanded service areas as we action them.