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Professional cleaning for Synthetic and Down

UNIQ’S Professional Sleeping Bag Cleaning

Synthetic and Down Sleeping Bags

So you are an avid camper, and have made an investment and bought yourself a top of the range, temperature rated, Down Sleeping Bag?   That's great! But what do you do once it becomes dirty and soiled?

UNiQ Services to the rescue. Our Sleeping Bag Cleaning Service, is designed to ensure your sleeping bag retains its temperature rating, by maintaining the integrity of the Down filling inside.

What is Down?

Often times when people hear the word 'down' used regarding insulation, they think it refers to feathers. While this is not entirely false, it is not the correct meaning. While many things such as pillows or doonas are 'feather', down is referring to goose or duck plumage – the light and fluffy stuff underneath the feathers, with no quills. It is an undercoat. Basically, nature's best insulation as down creates high-loft clusters that trap air and body heat.

Do not Dry-Clean Down

If your Sleeping Bag is filled with down, you definitely cannot use a dry-cleaning method as the dry-cleaning chemicals can strip the oils from the down and prevent it from lofting properly. If the natural oils are stripped and the bag is wet, this can result in the down clumping, as the stripping of the oils will leave the down wet. It is important to keep in mind that conventional laundry detergents will also strip oils from down.

At UNiQ Services, we understand the importance of using the correct cleaning products for the materials and fibres we are cleaning, meaning we use products that are specifically for cleaning Down safely and that also maintains the hydrophobic performance of treated down.

Correct cleaning is also important to maintain the temperature rating of the sleeping bag. If the oils are stripped and the down is compromised, your temperature rating will no longer be accurate. This can be particularly dangerous if traveling to an environment with very low temperatures thinking your sleeping bag will keep you warm enough.

When it comes to synthetic bags, we use a non-detergent product, as conventional laundry detergent contains brighteners and fillers that may stick to the polyester fibres, reducing the loft and potentially causing clumping.

I don't know about you, but going to sleep in a clumpy sleeping bag does not sound enjoyable.

Do your Sleeping Bags need cleaning?

If you are looking to have your sleeping bags cleaned efficiently and safely, look no further, and contact us today to discuss your needs.

If you are part of a Group or School and have multiple sleeping bags, please call us to discuss bulk item pricing.

Cleaning Synthetic Vs Down

When it comes to the cleaning method and products used, it depends on whether or not your sleeping bag is insulated with synthetic fibres or Down.

When sleeping in a sleeping bag, oils and salts from your body and perspiration can transfer to the inside of the bag and begin to compromise the insulation. Combining that with dirt and grime from the outside world, it can leave your sleeping bag a less-than-clean place to sleep, and leave it smelling less-than-fresh.

Keeping your sleeping bag clean will actually prolong its life, and make sleeping more pleasant.

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