Rug Cleaning

Rugs beautify and protect our home and are important to the way we see and feel about our living places.

UNIQ Rug Cleaning

UNIQ by Name, UNIQ by Quality

Our premium rug cleaning system will have your rugs looking great as well as free from stains and odours. We offer an affordable rug cleaning service to Domestic and Commercial customers.

Rugs can harbour a great deal of dirt and germs, from common household allergens, bacteria and even viruses. As a result a dirty rug can impact the health of your household. Your rug can hold kilograms of dirt before it even starts to look dirty on the surface.

With that in mind, it is important to have your rug cleaned by a professional cleaner every 6 – 12 months.

  • Rug longevity
  • Removes bad odours
  • Bacteria and Virus control
  • Pet Safe
  • Non-toxic HealthGuard®
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Returned 7-10 working days
  • Stain blocker protection
  • Most Brisbane suburbs
  • Australian Made
  • Australian Owned

Not all Rugs are the same

When shopping for a rug, after a while it may feel like all rugs are the same, and a rug is a rug right? Wrong. There are many different variances in rugs, which in turn means not all rugs are cleaned the same.

Rugs are made from different materials, some being natural fibres and others synthetic fibres. Depending on what your rug is made from, will determine how it is cleaned and the cost to clean.

Rug cleaning process

Before we begin, we will assess your rugs age and condition and seek input from you regarding your expectations. Then we will pre-inspect the rug for wear, stains, odour, fibre type, construction style, after which, we thoroughly vacuum with HEPA system to remove dry soils, pollens, mites and microbes and proceed to treat unwanted spots and stains.

We then apply the selected cleaning pre-spray, gently agitate and dwell that for the required time. After re-activating the pre-spray we massage that into the rug with our professional equipment, then rinse and extract the soil laden slurry.

The steps we take are to soften the fibres, apply a stain blocker to protect against stains, then hang for drying (this is crucial). Our process takes 48 hours of pampering by UNiQ care.
(allow 7-10 business days )

Cleaning Process - Steps


Rug Pre-Inspection

  • Expert and thorough inspection of rugs prior to cleaning.
  • This may include consultation with the customer if necessary
  • Colour Fast test
  • Fibre Identification test
  • Residual stain tests


HEPA Vacuum both side of carpet

Stain Treatment

Stubborn stains to be treated if required General stain removal

Pre-Spray Process

Application of pre cleaning agent for soil removal Treat wear areas and matted pile


Our technicians then gently massage the pre spray into the rug. (Hand washing of rugs using biodegradable soap where required.) Fringes hand cleaned separately to ensure whitening. All rugs thoroughly rinsed to remove residuals of cleaning agents

Stain Protection

Apply stain repellent to help with future spillages

Fabric and Surface Sanitiser

Apply UNiQ's Fabric and Surface Sanitiser to the clean rug

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Frequently Asked Questions

For a rug under normal domestic use, we recommend professional cleaning every 6-12 months, less frequent in low use areas. Entry rugs that get high traffic, or rugs that are in areas with a lot of activity from small children or pet should be cleaned very often. The natural characteristics of wool rugs quality, ongoing vacuuming and regular cleaning is required.

Usually 7-10 working days. We like to give your rug the time and care it deserves to make sure that you will be completely satisfied with the results.

The cost to clean your rug will depend on the size, the fibre type, and the construction of the rug. We are happy to provide an estimate of the cost and to discuss cleaning details specific to your particular rug. If you are phoning through for a quote, please remember to measure the fringes as well as they are the most difficult part of a rug to clean and are included in the total rug measurement. Please note that prices provided over the phone are an indication only and are subject to our technician’s final assessment on site where an accurate price is provided.

Our factory is fully equipped to provide your rug with the best level of attention and cleaning. We provide the perfect environment and ensure your rug is perfectly dry before returning it to you. The drying process is a undeniably crucial step in our rug cleaning process. Dusting and thorough rinsing are the two most important steps in the cleaning process, and both are not possible with an in-home surface cleaning method. That is to say this can lead to "soapy mud" being left in the foundation of the rug, because the soap mixes with the foundation dirt and the lack of thorough rinsing leaves this behind.

Authentic oriental rugs are a thing of beauty. One inherent characteristic of oriental rugs is known in the trade as "white knots". These are small white or off white spots that appear in a few or sometimes many places on the rugs surface. The "spots" are actually knots from the rugs cotton foundation yarns (originally tucked into the face yarn and touch dyed before sale) that have worked their way up to the surface of the rug due to general traffic wear, sandwiched between the pile fibres and thus exposed as part of the pile. They show themselves sometimes after a professional clean as the soil and grime are removed making the knots more prominent. They are not a defect but are a normal consequence of wear and an inherent characteristic of beautiful, handmade oriental rugs.

More Information

Rugs beautify and protect our home, whether the rug is a decorative rug adorning our living spaces or a protective rug for pets and doorways. 

In many ways rugs may be our lounge suite on the floor: for comfort, a place to relax or cuddle up with our furry friends or play a game with the young ones. Rugs take a beating from our boots/shoes, stains and spots, spills and pet incidents. Cleaning and protection is essential to longevity.

Bad odours are common place in rugs and are caused by microbial attack within the fibre of your rug. Built up soils, spills, stains and grime become damp creating the perfect home for moulds, germs, virus and bad odours. UNiQ Rug Services removes and sanitises against microbial attack.

Urine incidents from pets or continence issues quickly destroy rug fibres, construction and deteriorate the rug leaving unsightly staining and fibre burning. UNiQ Rug Services revitalises, removes urine odour and protects against staining.

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